The Collective

Spectrum ArtWorks supports a number of dedicated artists who are committed to strengthening their professional artist skills and goals. Together they organize as a collective to create art in community and challenge stigmas related to mental illness. Artists in this group have access to extended studio time, art supplies, career planning, specialized peer support, help developing and maintaining an artistic resume and statement, and exhibition opportunities. Each artist has their own station and is featured within Spectrum ArtWorks promotions.
The following artists listed below are current members of the collective:

Pictured above:

1st row, from left to right: Martha Bird (curator), Andrew Braunberger, Ruth Lais, Samuel L., Matt LaCombe, Kandace Krause

2nd row, from left to right: Peter F. Hinze, Michaela Rachor, Wallace R. White

Not pictured: Ashley Adams, Cecile Bellamy, Faye Buffington-Howell, James E. Sjolin, Julia C. Spencer, Shining Starr
To view a portfolio for each artist click on their corresponding images:
Faye Buffington-Howell
Wallace R. White
James E. Sjolin
Julia C. Spencer
Kandace Krause
Cecile Bellamy
Peter F. Hinze
Ashley Adams
Ruth Lais

Shining Starr

Matt Lacombe
Michaela Rachor
Martha Bird
Andrew Braunberger

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