Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ArtWorks Artist Spotlight - Jess Ward

There are many methods for expressing and exploring health related events through art. The results often create compelling and people-centered objects or experiences. Attempts have been made using media, such as puppetry, theatre, songs or games. Photography and other visual art are also used to make subjects on health meaningful and healing for the person and interesting and educational for the public and the professionals who serve the public. Through a community-focused art project and traveling exhibit, "To Really See," captures these approaches and focuses on the display of creative medication use stories that users, artists, and participants wanted to express and share. This video presentation features an interview with Jess Ward, a local artist exhibiting three pieces in the show.
Jess Ward - To Really See from Spectrum ArtWorks on Vimeo.

"To Really See" initially presents with the Hennepin County Library’s Minneapolis Central location (August-September 2017), then at St. Luke’s Hospital, Duluth (October 2017-April 2018) and then with the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (December-April 2018).

Other exhibiting artists:
Teresa Audet (Minneapolis)
Douglas Blue (Minneapolis)
Jennifer N. Campbell (St. Paul)
John Casey III (Bloomington)
Kate Clark (Minneapolis)
Sam Larom (Minneapolis)
Gary Melquist (Minneapolis)
Holly Rapoport (River Falls)
Anne South (Minneapolis)
Heather Spielman (Minneapolis)
KaTa (Minneapolis)
Roger Williamson (Minneapolis)
Spectrum ArtWorks Collective Artists:
Ashley Adams
Cecile Bellamy
Martha Bird
Andrew Braunberger
Peter F. Hinze
Kandace Krause
Michaela Rachor
James E. Sjolin
Shining Starr
Wallace White
Julia C. Spencer

ArtWorks Photovoice Participants

Christi Furnas
Jes Reyes

Next exhibition event:
Closing Night Panel Discussion: Wednesday, September 27 / 6pm
Presented by Spectrum ArtWorks (soon to be Avivo ArtWorks), the exhibit “To Really See” in Cargill Hall explores medication use stories. Through artwork and accompanying events, the show works to raise awareness and challenge mental health stigma regarding the medication-taking experience. Celebrate the closing of the exhibition with this panel discussion moderated by Syl Jones (Hennepin County Medical Center), which will reflect on the artwork in the exhibition and engage multiple perspectives in conversation about mental health and medication use. Panelists include Paul Ranelli (University of Minnesota), Marilyn Dornfeld (NAMI MN), Dr. Reba Peoples (RESOURCE), Christi Furnas (RESOURCE/Exhibiting artist), Martha Bird (Exhibiting Artist), and Holly Rapoport (Exhibiting Artist).

Exhibition partners: RESOURCE/Avivo, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, Hennepin County Library, St. Luke’s Hospital, and Genoa. This exhibition is partially funded through the University of Minnesota’s Imagine Fund. /

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