Friday, January 13, 2017

Announcement: Public Call for Art for "To Really See" Exhibition

Samuel L., Breakfast Objects, Acrylic on canvas.
“The placement of medication alongside breakfast objects illustrates how common place medication is in our everyday lives.” 


An exhibition exploring medicines and the medication-taking experience.

Spectrum ArtWorks is seeking artwork to raise awareness and challenge stigma regarding the medication-taking experience for their upcoming group exhibition To Really See. 

The exhibition will feature artwork selected from artists and residents of Minnesota as well a group of artists supported by Spectrum ArtWorks.

Send your submission to Jes Reyes at

Email Subject Line: To Really See Submission

We encourage submissions in diverse mediums including painting, sculpture, drawing, installation and mixed media.

Deadline: May 15, 2017 / Artist notification: June 30, 2017

Submit up to 3 different pieces of artwork related to the theme. Artwork images should be JPG images and labeled with the artist's last name and work's title (lastname_title.jpg). Each image should be under 2MB, 1920 pixels on the longer side, and open to the proper viewing orientation (vertical or horizontal). It is also required to include an artist statement related to the exhibition theme as well as title, medium, and price (if selling) for each piece. You do not need to be artist living with a mental illness to apply for this show.

More on the exhibition


Hennepin County Library, Minneapolis Central
August 8—September 27, 2017

St. Luke’s Hospital, Duluth
Late Fall 2017

Since 2004, Spectrum ArtWorks, a program of
RESOURCE, has been working to support artists living with mental illness. Located at the Lighthouse, a Community Support Program in Minneapolis, the program meets its mission through a community-focused and recovery-based approach. Its multi-faceted art studio and programming assists artists at reaching and maintaining their artist-related goals such as making new art, connecting with other artists, and accessing exhibition and grant opportunities.

In addition to this, each year the program organizes a new exhibition that aims to meet its mission to challenge stigma and raise mental health awareness. In 2015, the program partnered with the
Minneapolis Institute of Art to bring “In Conversation”, a residency and exhibition that featured 17 artists from the program. Each participant created a new piece of art that was in conversation with an object or artwork in the museum’s collection. This year, Spectrum ArtWorks facilitated “The Big Picture” at the Solar Arts Building, a group exhibition that presented artwork that explored wellness in recovery through art.

Spectrum ArtWorks latest project “To Really See”, an art exhibition opening August 2017, explores medication use stories. This show works to raise awareness and challenge stigma regarding the medication-taking experience. The exhibition will feature artwork selected from Spectrum ArtWorks Core Group, artwork from artists and residents of Minnesota, and artwork created during Photovoice participatory art workshops. This community-focused exhibition is scheduled to open August 2017 at the Minneapolis Central Library
Cargill Hall, with goals to travel to Duluth, Minnesota in the late fall.
Spectrum ArtWorks would like to thank Dr. Paul Ranelli of the University of Minnesota for co-organizing this project.

For more information contact Jes Reyes at (612)752-8282 or

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