Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Core Group Artists Exhibit with Jungle Red Salon and Gallery

Spectrum ArtWorks Core Group artists Julia C. Spencer and Andrew Braunberger will be showing with Jungle Red Salon and Gallery. The opening is tomorrow evening, starting at 7pm. See you there!

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November in the Gallery : :
I.O.U. ARTS – Featuring:: Julia C. Spencer , Andrew Braunberger, and Allan Benson

Inside Outside Upside Down (I.O.U. ARTS) is a Minneapolis based organization created on the premise that everyone deserves a chance to shine. The mission behind I.O.U. ARTS, is to raise awareness and funding for differently-abled artists and the art programs that support their individuality and talents. Through events, corporate sponsorships, strategic partnering and simply having the right people in place who hold the drive and passion to celebrate the many living ‘outside of the box’, I.O.U. ARTS has been successful in raising awarenes...
s, support, and funding for the vast number of differently-abled artists, existing in our Minneapolis Arts Community.

Julia C. Spencer
At age 13, Julia C. Spencer had the opportunity to attend a Summer Expression Session class at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. It was the experience of this class that propelled and fostered Julia’s dream of becoming a comic book artist. In 2003, Julia attended the Perpich Center for Arts Education where she intensively studied dance. Julia went on to enroll at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as an Illustrator major, in 2005, but later her interests moved more to the area of Photography. In the spring of 2007, she became sick and stopped attending MCAD. Julia is currently working in the mediums of painting, photography, pastels, colored pencils, marker illustrations and jewelry.

You can view samples of Julias artwork, here:

Andrew Braunberger
Andrew Braunberger has been creating images, since discovering his thumbs. The artistic beginnings for Andrew involved working with soft pastels, in high school. He continued to love working with pastels as a medium, through his collegiate studies at the University of North Dakota. In 1992, Andrew graduated with a BA in Arts and Sciences through the Honors Program at UND—he has continued to work with pastels and consistently practice his craft, ever since. Many of Andrews works are in acrylic and oil, often with soft pastels used on top of these other media. Within his work you will notice vibrant colors and interaction within varying levels of opacity. Andrew also dabbles in digital art, but prefers the tactile experience of other media, more so than working digitally.

You can view examples of the artwork of Andrew Braunberger, here:

Allan Benson
In Allan’s words, “I create colorful patterns and shapes to make your eyes light up and to make the painting pop off the walls and ceilings and run away”.

Allan’s paintings and drawings of landscape, architecture, people, and still-life are expressions of what his vision of reality is. He creates images from what he sees and of his imagination.

Allan is inspired by plant life, the shapes of the land and architecture. He experiments and plays with perspective and dimension on the canvas and then fills it up with paint. Allan uses color and black outline to make the shapes pop out and appear more realistic. He likes to let his creativity run wild.

Allan recognized his abilities and desires to express himself through art in a class at Opportunity Partners, a Minnesota nonprofit organization that works alongside people with disabilities. Alan continues to strengthen his artistic visions and techniques in classes with his art mentor.

Allan has exhibited his work at the Hennepin County Library, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Opportunity Partners headquarters, Vision Loss Resources and Munka Beans Coffee Shop. His painting, Flower at Home, won 2nd place in painting at the Sister Kenney Annual International Art Show in May, 2009.

Visit the below link to read more about Allan, and view his artwork.

THE MUSICIAN : : Siua Hafoka

Genre: R&B + Soul with a little Polynesian flare.

Please join us for Rhythm & Red-- A monthly showcase of local art and music.


Jamie Palewicz
Lula Roe

LuLaRoe is an exclusive clothing line designed to fit women of all ages, sizes, and shapes. The clothing is sold by independent fashion consultants at pop-up boutiques in person or online. All of the prints are exclusive to LuLaRoe and only 2500 garmets in each of Lula's unique prints are produced. Jamie tells us that she chose to become a consultant because she loves this product and company, but most importantly loves helping ladies feel.

Jamie Palewicz

WHEN: Wednesday November 2nd, 7pm-10pm

WHERE: The Jungle Red Gallery, 1362 LaSalle Ave, Minneapolis

WHAT: Meet the folks from I.O.U ARTS, and learn about the work of this great LOCAL organization. Enjoy live LOCAL tunes, shop exclusive LulaRoe merchandise from LOCAL LLR representative, Jamie Palewicz, and mingle with our creative community! Complimentary wine, and beer samplings of the latest creations of our neighborhood brewmasters at Lakes & Legends Brewing Company will also be available!

Lakes & Legends

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