Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New artwork by Wallace at the Riverview Café, Minneapolis, MN

Wallace at Como Park Conservatory, Saint Paul, MN
Greetings everyone! We'd like to introduce you to Spectrum ArtWorks artist, Wallace White. Wallace is one of the newest members of the Spectrum ArtWorks program; joining us early last year. Wallace lives and breathes art; he's a true artist! He draws and paints everyday. He enjoys painting luminous landscapes and personal portraits of those he knows. You will never find him without sketchbook and pen in hand!
 A recent drawing made by Wallace in the Spectrum ArtWorks studio
This evening, Wednesday, April 9th, at the Riverview Café is an opening reception featuring new work by Wallace. Recently, the Spectrum ArtWorks artists enjoyed an afternoon at Como Park Conservatory - soaking in the warmth as well as the fresh, vibrant colors of the gardens. It was a long and cold winter this year in Minnesota and it is not surprising that Wallace was greatly inspired by the rich and beautiful flowers and plant-life. This inspiration in captured in much of Wallace's new work that can be viewed on display at the Riverview Café.

Wallace sketching at Como Park Conservatory
Wallace is a veteran in the local arts community; having exhibited his work throughout the years at many local coffee shops, cafés and galleries. Wallace has been a participating artist in the annual Lola Art Crawl events in the Longfellow neighborhood. More recently, Wallace's work has been exhibited at the Fireroast Café and now at the Riverview. 
Beauty by the Lake - acrylic on canvas by Wallace White
The title of Wallace's new show at the Riverview Café is: Roses with Gold Linings/ Clouds with Silver Linings
This show features a collection of paintings and drawings by Wallace, as well as many new works. The opening is this evening, April 9th, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the Riverview Café.
The Riverview Café is located at:
3753 42nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
Wallace's work will by on display through the month of April.
Here is a link to the Riverview Café:
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