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Let's get to know some of the artists!

Greetings from Spectrum ArtWorks! We thought it would be fun to share a little more personal information about some of the artists in the group. Below each image will be the title of the piece as well as the name of the artist, followed by a short biography of the artist. Please enjoy! And, stay connected with the Spectrum ArtWorks blog to read more artist biographies in the future!

Orchid, watercolor and watercolor pencil by Cecile Bellamy

Cecile was raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. She didn't take an interest in art until the age of eleven. From that point she took a strong interest in drawing, and then soon into acrylic painting. In high school, she took a college level drawing course and later continued her education at the University of Minnesota where she excelled in fine arts. Cecile then attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design andgraduated from MCAD in 1997.

Cecile has exhibited locally for over three years. Currently she is both a member of Spectrum ArtWorks and is a staff artist at In the Heart of the Beast Theatre. She is happy to be in a creative field.

Follow this link to view more of Cecile's art on flickr:

Grand Kids, mixed media by Audrey Bernard

Audrey was welcomed into the Spectrum ArtWorks program nearly seven years ago. Audrey came to the U.S. from Jamaica and it is here in Minneapolis, when she joined the ArtWorks group, that she discovered her dreams, abilities and potential of becoming a visual artist. Since then Audrey has developed her own personal artistic style, working in mixed media. She has exhibited in many galleries throughout the Twin Cities and metro area and has received special recognition and awards for her artwork. Audrey enjoys making art because it keeps her focused as well as makes her feel close to her grandchildren living in Jamaica.

Follow this link to view more of Audrey's work on flickr:

Past, Present and Future, acrylic and collage by Faye Buffington-Howell

As an artist, Faye's goal has always been to create images that are meaningful, expressive and inspiring. She has been practicing in the technique which she learned in icon classes several years ago. Faye works in a merging of styles including classical, modern and figurative surrealism. Faye often addresses the notion of spirituality in her work and recently, August 2011, she was the curator of the show titled Enlightenment at Stevens Square Center for the Arts.

Follow this link to view more of Faye's art on flickr:

Dignity, watercolor by cynTHIA

cynTHIA has been making art for almost all her life. cynTHIA has been a member of the Spectrum ArtWorks group for about five years and she brings to the group a lifetime of invaluable experience. She studied art in college and has shown her work in many venues throughout the TwinCities and metro area. cynTHIA enjoys making art and receiving the innate therapeutic benefits art allows through the expression of self. She often creates art inspired by the people who have meaning in her life. cynTHIA is skilled in many mediums and is currently working mainly with glass and mosaic as well as watercolor and watercolor pencil.

Follow this link to view more of cynTHIA's work on flickr:

Me Too, oil on canvas by Christi Furnas

Christi Furnas considers herself a Figurative Expressionist, working with both oil and pen and ink. Capturing a cast of emotions with color and brushstroke as well as feeling the movement of line is the focus of Christi's objective. She has been making and showing art in the Twin Cities for over fifteen years. Her work has been featured at venues such as Augsburg College, CorAzon, and The Warren Artist Habitat.

Christi has been with the Spectrum ArtWorks program for over eight years. Currently she is working as the Peer Support Specialist at Spectrum ArtWorks, and is painting and drawing in Minneapolis.

Follow this link to view more of Christi's work on flickr:

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