Friday, July 15, 2011

Spectrum ArtWorks Events July 23rd!

Greetings everyone! Some exciting news from Spectrum ArtWorks! There is an event taking place on Saturday, July 23rd at the Regla De Oro Gallery on Lyndale Ave in Mpls. The Regla De Oro Gallery aims to represent local artists, participate in local public exhibits, and provides a percentage of net proceeds to Arts Education and Social Justice Non-Profit Organizations. Every six weeks a new artist is featured in the gallery. The artist is given the opportunity to select which non-profit organization they would like to benefit during their opening reception. Local artist Catherine A Palmer has selected Spectrum ArtWorks to be the beneficiary during her event.

Catherine A Palmer Artist Reception/
Spectrum ArtWorks Benefit
Saturday, July 23rd
3:00pm - 6:00pm
Regla De Oro Gallery-Art and Fair Trade Gifts
3007 Lyndale Ave South
Mpls, MN

20% of all purchases during this three hour opening reception/benefit event will proceed Spectrum ArtWorks!

For more information about Catherine A Palmer follow this link:

For more information about Regla De Oro Gallery follow this link:

Please join us at Regla De Oro Gallery on Saturday, July 23rd! Come visit, have fun and show your support for local artists and the Spectrum ArtWorks program!


In addition to the event at Regla we could like to share some exciting news about a new show opening at Stevens Square Center for the Arts. On the very same evening as the Regla De Oro event, Saturday, July 23rd, the opening of "Enlightenment will be held at the Stevens Square
gallery. This show will feature two Spectrum ArtWorks artists, Faye Buffington-Howell and cynTHIA. Not only will Faye's artwork be featured but she also played an immense role as one of the curators, selecting work by other artists and working to make the show come to life.

Please join us this special evening to celebrate the making of beautiful art as well as the efforts made by Spectrum ArtWorks artists to present the public with an impressive show!

"Enlightenment" Opening Reception
Saturday, July 23rd
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Stevens Square Center
for the Arts
1905 3rd Ave South

For more information about Stevens Square
Center for the Arts follow this link:

We are looking forward to celebrating this special day! We hope to see you at one of or both of the events!

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