Monday, April 4, 2011


Spectrum ArtWorks has some big news to share with all supporters and fans. Last week our lovely Amy Rice, Coordinator of Spectrum ArtWorks, left to pursue an incredible dream of hers. This is bittersweet news. It is sad that she is leaving but also wonderful because she is going to work full-time as an artist. You can learn more about Amy and view her art here:

Amy has been with Resource for 10 years. She created the Spectrum ArtWorks program and has been the key instrument that has made this program a success. Amy has enabled it to be a true means for the artist members to express themselves artistically, fight stigma associated with mental illness, and most importantly fine tune their artistic skills and share their beautiful art with others in the community. Over the last 10 years Amy has exhibited incredible loyalty to the Spectrum artists. Time after time Amy has demonstrated her dedication to using art as a tool for combating our community's negative ideas about mental illness. Her love and knowledge of art enables her to not only create beautiful art of her own but to inspire and assist others to create their own beautiful and meaningful art. Amy has been a constant reminder to all of us that art plays an incredible role in the recovery process, as well as in the process of healing individually and healing on a societal level. She also reminds us that while art is important because it is beautiful and makes our lives happier, it is also important because art possesses an inherent ability to communicate with others in our community. Please join us in sending happy thoughts and well wishes to Amy Rice as she embarks on this new journey in her life! As we say farewell to Amy it is also time to embrace the transition that is currently taking place with the Spectrum ArtWorks program. I am honored to introduce myself as the new Arts Coordinator for Spectrum ArtWorks. My name is Megan Andersen and I have been with Resource for 2 years. Throughout this time I have had the opportunity to work directly with Amy Rice as well as the amazing Spectrum ArtWorks artists that create the wonderful and inspiring work we all love so dearly. Christi Furnas is a local artist and has been hired to work with the artists as a Support Specialist. Together, Christi and I will be advocating for the Spectrum ArtWorks program. We will work hard with the artists as they continue to make incredible art so that we can continue to share their art with others. It continues to be an important goal of ours to educate others and fight stigma associated with mental illness through the process of art.

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