Thursday, November 5, 2009


Gratitude: New Work by Audrey Bernard, Christi Furnas and cynTHIA

November 9th-December 8th
Central Lakes College Gallery
Branerd Campus, Brainard, MN

As artists, Audrey Bernard, Christi Furnas and Thia all make art that documents their lives and the lives of the people who surround them. The emotional content of their portrait work is almost tangible. The viewer can feel the intensity of love the between the artist and her muse and partner, the loneliness of the distance between the grandmother and her children living in a country far away, the joy and challenge in celebrating new family dynamics brought on by life and circumstance.

These are not artist who have enjoyed privileged lives or even ordinary ones. Each woman has overcome tremendous obstacles. That their art is a celebration of their lives is a testament to their character.

All three artists have shown their work extensively in Twin Cites Galleries. They are all also members of the award winning Spectrum ArtWorks Group and as a part of that nonprofit art organization have used their energy and talents to educate literally thousands of people on issues of mental illness, homelessness, disability rights and inclusiveness. Their efforts have been nationally and locally recognized.

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