Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Homeless Awareness

Spectrum ArtWorks collaborated with The Dignity Center of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church to raise awareness about issues pertaining to mental illness and homelessness with an art show and event.

This piece was made by Spectrum ArtWorks artist cynTHIA for the event. It is titled: "My Mother Never Got Over It"

Text in Art:

Fire Destroys Pike Creek Farm Home
From the Little Falls Daily Transcript, Little Falls, MN
Wednesday, November 15, 1967 – Vol. 76 – No. 160 – Page1

A Little Falls family of 12 stands homeless today as the result of a fire, which leveled their farm home late Tuesday afternoon. Mr. And Mrs. Richard Doschka and their children, ranging from in ages from 12 to 10 months, all escaped unharmed as fire ripped through their Pike Creek Township home, six miles south of Little Falls, about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. According to witnesses, the house suddenly burst into flames as though something on the inside had exploded. By the time the Little Falls rural Fire Department arrived on the scene the house was too far gone to save.The structure was completely destroyed. While the Doshkas are being cared for by neighbors, the Red Cross has started a drive to try and replace some of the belongings which the Doschkas lost. Clothing is especially needed and is being collected at the Little Falls Fire Hall. The girls in the family are aged 12, nine, eight, six, three and one.The boys are 11, five, two and a baby boy 10 months old. Mr. Doschka takes a large size in men’s clothing while Mrs. Doschka is of average size.

The Myth of the Family Farm

Every story passed down by family reports that the family farm was no the traditional two story white farmhouse of the 1960s. Already homeless, the family of 12 had moved into a grain silo. The temperature on the day was around 40 degrees.

A Death in the Family
From the Little Falls Daily Transcript, Little Falls, MN
Monday, November 27, 1967

Dennis Doschka --- Graveside services were held this afternoon, from Our Lady of Lourder Church, for Dennis Doschka, 10-month old son of Mr. And Mrs. Richard Doschka, who died Saturday Morning. In addition to his Parents he is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Richard, John, Anthony, Tina Marie, Chathleen, Christine, Lori, Mary Ann and Joyce; and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Doschka and Mr. and Mrs. George Lintner.

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