Monday, June 18, 2007

Audrey Bernard in Annual Untitled Show at Soo Visual Arts Center

Spectrum Artist Audrey Bernard has work in the 2007 annual juried exhibit at the Soo Visual Art Center in Minneapolis.

Soo Visual Arts Center presents its sixth annual juried show, Untitled 6, on June 22nd. The jurors had the difficult task of reviewing nearly 200 entries. The artists were among entrants who responded to an open call inviting artists working in any medium, at any stage of their careers, to submit work. Ultimately, 20 diverse artists were selected for the exhibition. The show will offer something for everyone including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture & even images made with exhaust pipe detritus.

The show was previewed by and Audrey was one of six artists that the article's author, Ann Klefstad, felt were the real stand outs. Here is what she had to say about Audey's work:
Audrey Bernard does straightforward portraits of people she seems to know—Miss Chimp, David, Davia, others—but imbues them with what painters can give. She sees on a different plane. I don’t know if it’s more truthful or less—but it is different, and it enables us to see differently too. Having this doubled vision suddenly makes the world three-dimensional—it’s like, having lived with one eye all your life, you suddenly are granted binocular vision. Things jump into high relief. They become themselves.

Untitled 6 (Main Gallery)
June 22-August 25, 2007Opening Reception Friday, June 22 from 7- 10pm

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